May 5, 2010-

     I started brainstorming my Spanish project today. I wanted to do it on a interesting subject,so I decided to research Queen Isabella of Spain. I spent a lot of time on my computer looking up interesting facts and things I needed to know for this project. I found out a lot about Isabella's back ground life and how she grew up. I can't wait to continue to look into this project!

May 8, 2010-

    Today I began getting in depth with Isabella's search. I started a timeline on her and what she did in life. While doign this, I learned a lot of interesting facts about the queen and who she met during her life time and how they impacted her life. This information was extremly interesting to me. I learned that Isabella had a strong personality and a difficult path to power. Everyday I am learning more and more about her. Tomorrow I am going to begin my powerpoint which will contain interesting facts about the Queen and all about her life. 

May 9, 2010-

    I started on my powerpoint today. I am going to add important information on Queen Isabella and things that would stick out to people who are interested in learning about her. This is one of the most interesting topics I have reseached during my whole high school carreer. Today I also did more dates in my timeline. I am almost finished with that and I am almost half way done with my powerpoint.

May 11, 2010.

    My powerpoint is going good. Im adding a lot of back ground information that is interesting. Today I learned that she was the first women to be featured on a U.S Commemorative coin is 1893. I find that interesting because most girls back in that time period didn't really get recognized or accomplished. I finished my timeline and I only have a couple more slides to go on my powerpoint.

May 12, 2010

    Today I worked on and finished my wordle. I have been reading and researching Queen Isabella for a while and I have enough mindful information to put together some relative words about her. This was really fun to do. I also starting writing my essay about what I learned and the Queen. I got about a paragraph done today and I plan on working with that and finishing the powerpoint tomorrow.

May 13,2010

   I just finished my powerpoint. It was really interesting to do and it taught me a lot about her and the time period which she lived. My esssay is moving along good. I finished another paragraph on that today. I have learned so much on this topic. I find it amusing all the things Queen Isabella was involved in and all the acomplishments she achieved. I have been keeping up with my references and will soon add all of them to a page.

May 15,2010

   I'm finally done with my project. I finished my essay today and also did a magazine cover. This project was really fun to do! I enjoyed it and found it interesting learning all the different life styles and ways Queens lives their life.